You’d think things couldn’t go any worse for Theresa May after the recent UK elections, where she lost the Tory majority.


This handling of the Grenfell Tower tragedy and aftermath has to be the nadir of her omnishambolic month.

I was at the scene from the early hours of the morning in west London, covering the story and it’s developments for US TV. The sight of the burning 24 storey tower building is unlike anything I’ve ever seen before.

This huge inferno peppered the area with an acrid stench of plastic, possessions - and the substance that appears to be at fault for the spread of the flames…. cheap exterior cladding.

The blackened rocks falling from the sky crumbled like hardened dust when picking it up.

And what else has crumbled in all this..... our PM’s reputation for being strong and stable in the face of extreme adversity, anger, grief and loss.

We saw Jeremy Corbyn on the site the day before. Yes it was less hostile towards him, but he was seemingly the only one ‘out there’, listening to people, dealing with their anguish. Then Mayor Sadiq Khan showed up - not necessarily being as reassuring as we might have liked. But still. He was there. The Queen and Prince William came, and showed their usual true compassion… Only the next day did the PM visit, avoiding the crowds, sneaking in and out of a church whilst a baying mob screamed for answers.

Costs were cut, regulation reform was shelved, key prevention plans were avoided. And now every single minister interviewed is spinning the same old tripe and refusing to give SPECIFIC answers to valid Q’s … like a realistic figure for the death toll, how long had they known the building was a risk, and are other tower blocks safe…

The PM refused to directly answer a pooled interview question on why she didn’t face the crowds. Merely blathering on about the money they’d donated (5 million pounds, chump change in the grand scheme of things)…

There’s a time for spin, and this ain’t it. Social housing and housing on poorer estates suffer wilful neglect that is tantamount to racism. This has to end now, before the next tragedy strikes - and we’re here debating the same old s*** but on a different day.

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