Let’s get one thing clear - at what point does some fuckhead become radicalised.

This week we’ve seen the tale of two extremes… Love, hope, togetherness and defiance in the shape of the One Love Manchester Concert.

And then - the senseless, mindless act of three brainwashed thugs rampaging through a busy Borough Market on Saturday.

Scum. Just utter scum.

Which brings me back to the main thrust of this piece. Does wall to wall coverage of the attacks make other crackpots think they’ll get ‘on the news’ and get famous for their warped ideology quick and easy.

Cos that’s what seems to happen. I say this as someone who works in the media - when something as tragic as this happens - everything stops and we go into action. Some of the best people you’ll see uncovering truly amazing stories of bravery and courage.

But how many more times, can we keep saying we stand with one another in solidarity - that terrorism will never win - that the spirit of our city is too strong.

Our hearts have to go out to all those killed, maimed and bereaved. But how much of this is forcing us into some sort of nation that gets off on grief.

It’s like some are trying to get one upmanship on one another by trying to compete with how close they were to an attack …

And if we give these limp excuse of humans a huge platform for legitimacy - it gives them an inflated sense of importance, which in turn could inspire copycat attacks.

I don’t know how we can stop this - I hope we can, we need better collaboration, and we need to find the radicals quickly, and show them the better way by giving them a prosperous method out that still punishes.

It’s the unsolvable puzzle. It used to be confined to the politics of the east. Now it’s here, and it’s not going away soon. Post me your thoughts - would love to know what you think. Gav

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